Noer's KEY HOUSE MIRROR selected for Rotterdam and Gothenburg


By: TrustNordisk/Lena Juhl Seidelin

Director Michael Noer’s upcoming drama KEY HOUSE MIRROR has been selected for International Film Festival Rotterdam. The film will compete for the Big Screen Award and will also screen in the Spectrum section at the festival, which kicks off January 21st.

International festivals are indeed lining up to secure the possibility of screening the newest film from Noer.

Earlier today it was also announced that KEY HOUSE MIRROR has been selected for Nordic Competition at the Gothenburg International Film Festival and will be competing for the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film as well as screen as the opening film at the festival which begins January 23rd.

KEY HOUSE MIRROR reunites Danish actress Ghita Nørby and Swedish actor Sven Wollter, two veterans in Scandinavian cinema and tells a life-affirming drama about Lily who meets resistance from her family, when she experiences love in her late years and decides to live life to the fullest.

With more than 50 years in film and television, Ghita Nørby has delivered unforgettable performances in Scandinavian film through the years. During her long career she has starred in numerous films from great auteurs such as Troell’s HAMSUN (1996) as well as his Golden Globe® -nominated MARIA LARSSON’S EVERLASTING MOMENT (2008), Bille August’s Palm d’Or- winner THE BEST INTENTIONS (1992) and his recent film SILENT HEART (2014).

Swedish actor Sven Wollter has through his career, which spans over more than five decades, starred in both Scandinavian and international productions including Tarkovsky’s THE SACRIFICE (1986), Bo Widerberg’s THE MAN ON THE ROOF (1976) and THE MAN FROM MAJORCA (1984) as well as Colin Nutley’s HOUSE OF ANGELS-trilogy (1992, 1994, 2010) and Bille August’s A SONG FOR MARTIN (2001).

Michael Noer has over the last years established himself as a director of excellent ultra-realistic dramas and the selection of KEY HOUSE MIRROR marks Noer’s third time at both Rotterdam and Gothenburg. His previous films, the successful prison drama R (2010), which he co-directed with Tobias Lindholm was nominated for the Tiger Award in Rotterdam and took home the award for Best Nordic Film as well as the FIPRESCI prize in Gothenburg in 2010. In 2013 his gangster drama NORTHWEST, about gang members in the suburbs of Copenhagen, were nominated for the Big Screen Award in Rotterdam and the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film and took home the FIPRESCI prize in 2013.

International Film Festival Rotterdam runs from January 21st – February 1st 2015

Gothenburg International Film Festival runs from January 23rd – February 2nd 2015