Musse og Helium
Author Camilla Brinck with Maxi and Helium characters

Nordisk Film and Qvisten Animation secure film rights to bestselling Nordic book series “Maxi & Helium”


The beloved Swedish book series “Maxi & Helium”, that has sold an impressive 3.5 million books across the Nordics, will now be made into an animated feature film.

Nordisk Film and Qvisten Animation have secured the film rights to “Maxi & Helium” (orig. title: “Musse & Helium”) from Lindrizia AB, the owner of author Camilla Brinck’s children’s and family universe about two mice and their fantastic adventures. Based in Norway, Qvisten Animation is known for its streak of family blockbusters such as “In the Forest of Huckybucky” (orig. title: “Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen”, 2016),  “Cattle Hill” (orig. title: “KuToppen”, 2018) and most recently “When the Robbers came to Cardamom Town” (orig. title: “Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by”, 2022) that was a huge success in the box office. 

“At Qvisten Animation we are proud and delighted to have signed the film rights to this magical universe that children and families are so passionate about. Our vision is to be part of children's upbringing, and with this film project we aim to reach all children and families throughout the Nordic region and internationally. It feels fantastic to bring this magic to cinema theatres,” says Fredrik Kiøsterud, CEO, Qvisten Animation.

Lindrizia AB has long had plans to develop a family film based on “Maxi & Helium”, the fastest growing children’s and family book series ever in Sweden and Norway, and the new film deal is part of the international expansion of the “Maxi & Helium” brand that also includes books, music, games, performances and much more.

“This is an exciting and ambitious milestone for us, to create the best animated family film ever in the Nordics. We are extremely pleased with the agreement with Nordisk Film and Qvisten Animation and look forward to collaborating on delivering a film of exceptional quality that will not only be loved in the Nordic region, but also be a success internationally. With Qvisten Animation’s many fantastic masterpieces, that have been successes both nationally and internationally, and their expertise in mind, we believe that they are the best at realizing, “Maxi & Helium” into an animated family film,” says Thomas Lööw, CEO, Lindrizia AB.

“Wow, it's so magical to see our beloved “Maxi & Helium” universe come to life on the silver screen. Finally, we can tell all “Maxi & Helium” fans that we are in the process of creating an animated family film with the best talents in Norway and the Nordics. We look forward to the premiere and to sharing the experience of “Maxi & Helium”’s magical fantasy adventures on the big screen with you,” says author Camilla Brinck.

The upcoming “Maxi & Helium” film will be targeted Nordic as well as international markets, with renowned film company Nordisk Film co-producing and holding the Nordic distribution rights.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Qvisten Animation and Lindrizia AB in turning Camilla Brinck’s magical book series into film. “Maxi & Helium” is a fantastic universe with engaging tales being unfold. It fits perfect with our ambition in Nordisk Film, to bring stories to life and films to the market that children and families love and cherish,” says Rasmus Krogh, Vice President Sales & Acquisition, Nordisk Film.

In June it was announced, that Lindrizia AB has appointed acclaimed licensing agency Rights & Brands as its master agent for merchandising rights.