Nordisk Film invests in Raw Fury


Nordisk Film will invest up to $5.5M USD in the Swedish games publisher Raw Fury. This is the sixth Nordic computer game company, Nordisk Film has invested in since 2017. 

Raw Fury explain the news a lot better and a lot funnier than we can here at Nordisk Film. Therefore, we will relay their announcement of the news. Here goes:

Tell us if you’ve heard this one - a snazzy indie publisher and a cool Danish investment firm walk into a bar, then they walk out as partners and also slightly intoxicated. That’s a good summary of how this all came to be.

Raw Fury and Nordisk Film Games (NFG) are joining forces, with NFG investing upwards of $5.5M USD (49M SEK) in a Series A funding round. NFG was the sole investor in this round and has attained a healthy-sized minority share in Raw Fury. This new injection of bookoo bucks allows Raw Fury to further expand its production capacity, sign larger projects, and lets us become more Raw and Furious.

We’ve landed ourselves one hell of a partner in Nordisk Film Games, a division within Nordisk Film which is a leading producer and distributor of films in the Nordic countries since 1906. Nordisk Film has their hands in a variety of game industry segments ranging from game development to esports and retail distribution. Nordisk Film Games have been helping out studios all over the Nordics, and not only do we now get some additional funds to Push It To The Limit (the limit the limiiiiiit!) but we’ve also gained two incredibly talented folks from NFG sitting on our board—Martin Walfisz, former founder of Massive Entertainment and current Senior Partner at NFG, and Mikkel Weider, serial entrepreneur and Managing Director at NFG. 

Now, we wouldn’t just work with anyone, which is why we carefully vetted both Martin and Mikkel. What we found out about them spoke to our irreverent little hearts:

  • Martin has been ranked Legendary in Hearthstone and, back in high school, had his photo taken as a textbook example of what a computer nerd looked like. This photo was, coincidentally, used in an actual textbook (social science if you’re curious). He also managed to blow the fuse at a publisher’s E3 booth during showfloor hours while pitching a project to that publisher, it incapacitated their entire booth. Shockingly, they decided not to fund the project.
  • Mikkel’s professional gaming prowess goes back to the 90’s where he was eliminated in Denmark’s national championship for Doom in 90 seconds. He has also racked up an impressive amount of 90 second deaths in PUBG. Smelling a theme here. At one point in his career, he ran a gaming studio out of an abandoned office ruin which is definitely the cheapest way to get space for a growing team. Take note!

Martin Walfisz, Senior Partner at Nordisk Film Games, said something pretty nice about us: “Jonas and the team at Raw Fury are so passionate about helping talented indie developers launch great games. We’ve known the team for a long time, and have been continuously impressed by what they have achieved, both creatively and financially. Their approach to games publishing is one-of-a-kind, and we are furiously excited about now being a part of this rare business.”

Jonas Antonsson, Founder and CEO at Raw Fury, also said something pretty nice from a comfy hotel in the Cayman Islands: “Finally, I’m going to get that secret volcano lair.”