Nordisk Film ready with new feature film


Nordisk Film Production received 15 million kroner in economic support from the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) to produce an upcoming feature film about the Norwegian war hero Jan Baalsrud.

In the director's chair: Harald Zwart.

"After working on this project for more than ten years, it is nice to see it come to life", said Director Harald Zwart.

The 12th Man tells the story of Jan Baalsrud and his legendary escape from the Nazis in World War 2. Most of the film was recorded in Troms, Norway, where the real story took place.

We have been working on production for quite some time. Everyone involved believed in the project since its inception. Belief in the project was confirmed after NFI announced its decision to fund the film. The project is led by an experienced film crew of world-class professionals, said producer Aage Aaberge, who also backed the Oscar-nominated blockbuster Kon-Tiki.

Nordisk Film Production ran off with the lion's share of allocations for market-based funding from NFI at the final round of allocations, which comes in handy for a movie with a budget of 64 million kroner.

With today's technology and access to a much wider and richer range of source material than we had in the past, we have everything we need to create a powerful story that really is worth telling. You can look forward to enjoying a great film, the producer said in conclusion.

About the project
The 12th Man tells the story of resistance man Jan Baalsrud’s escape from the Nazis in World War 2 Twelve resistance men went on board a fishing boat in Shetland and crossed the North Sea to carry out sabotage missions against the German occupation. They were betrayed by a Norwegian Nazi sympathizer. Eleven of the resistance men were captured and killed. Only Jan Baalsrud, the twelfth man, got away.