Nordisk Film receives many nominations for the Robert Award show 2016


Martin Zandvliet's "Land of Mine" is, with nothing less than 14 nominations, top scorer prior to this year’s Robert Award show. Also “A War”, “The Shamer’s Daughter” and “Key House Mirror” have all drawn attention. 

"A War" and "Land of Mine", both produced by Nordisk Film, are among the top nominated films for a Robert Award 2016. The nominations were announced this Tuesday.
Martin Zandvliet's "Land of Mine" is top scorer with 14 nominations, including "Danish feature film of the year", "Director of the year" and "Male lead of the year" (Roland Møller).

Tobias Lindholm's "A War" has also performed amazing with ten nominations in top categories such as "Danish feature film of the year", "Director of the year" and "Male lead of the year" (Pilou Asbæk).

Kennetz Kainz' "The Shamer's Daughter" has received impressing 11 Robert nominations, while "Iqbal Farooq" lanched by Nordisk Film Distribution is nominated in four categories.

Michel Noer's "Key House Mirror" featuring Ghita Nørby has received three Robert nominations, e.g. "Director of the year", and is moreover expected to receive another nomination Friday where the nominations for the category "Female lead of the year" is announced.

Erik Clausen's "People Get Eaten" has received two Robert nominations, including the audience award, which all Danish films are nominated for, and the category "Original Song of the year". The song "Into the dark" is created by Clausen's old "play mate" Kim Larsen.

Nordisk Film Distribution is moreover represented in the category "American film of the year" with Dennis Villeneuve's thriller "Sicario".

The Robert Award show takes places Sunday February 7th. The biggest competition to Nordisk Film titles, includes Kasper Barfoed's "Summer of 92", Anders Thomas Jensen's "Men & Chicken" and Christina Rosendahl's "The Idealist".