Nordisk Film triumphs at the Robert Award Show


Martin Zandvliet's LAND OF MINE and Kenneth Kainz's THE SHAMER'S DAUGHTER were big winners at the Robert Award Show. LAND OF MINE moreover received one of the biggest cash film prizes in the world. Tobias Lindholm's A WAR and IQBAL FAROOQ AND THE SECRET RECIPE were also among the award winners.

LAND OF MINE received six prestigious Robert awards. The film won Best Danish Film and Martin Zandvliet was as well awarded Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. The film moreover received Best Cinematography, Best Editing and the Audience Award.

Martin Zandvliet and Mikael Rieks, producer of LAND OF MINE, were already in award mode. Saturday afternoon they received the Scandinavian Location Award and the same evening they could walk on stage to receive one of the biggest cash film prizes in the world, Dragon Award, at Göteborg Film Festival. The award is one million SEK and was given in the category Best Nordic Film.

13 Robert awards
Back to the Robert Award Show Sunday evening. THE SHAMER'S DAUGHTER received five Robert awards: Best Children's Film, Best Adapted Screenplay (to Anders Thomas Jensen), Best Costume Design, Best Score and Best Visual Effects. The last award was won by Nordisk Film Shortcut (Martin Madsen and Morten Jacobsen), who made the impressive visual effects in the film. A WAR received a Robert for Best Actress in Leading Role to Tuva Novotny and IQBAL FAROOQ AND THE SECRET RECIPE won Best Original Song.

In total, productions from Nordisk Film Production, Nordisk Film Distribution and Nordisk Film Shortcut hereby accounted for nothing less than 13 Robert Awards.