NYMPHOMANIAC DIRECTOR'S CUT set for simultaneous release in numerous countries


The final chapter in the NYMPHOMANIAC-saga is about to unfold as NYMPHOMANIAC DIRECTOR'S CUT will finally meet its international audience at upcoming festivals, theatrical screenings and events all over the world.

Written by: TrustNordisk/Ida Storm

The local releases of the film will be accompanied by a simultaneous VOD release in a number of countries.

NYMPHOMANIAC will be released on VOD on October 2nd in the US, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia as well as in von Trier's native Denmark with more territories to follow in the weeks to come.

In Lars von Trier's native country, Denmark, the director's cut version has received rave reviews in connection with its theatrical release and event screenings. Danish critics have handed out 5 and 6-star reviews to the film which met the audience for the first time at Berlin International Film Festival (Vol. 1) earlier this year and Venice Film Festival (Vol. 2) about a month ago.

The upcoming releases and festivals completes the circle for one of the most unusual and extraordinary releases seen in a long time.