Showcasing the Future of Filmmaking


The conference PICTURE THIS_ is back with its second edition, Thursday April 5, 2018.

Massive technological shifts and groundbreaking developments have changed the entire landscape of filmmaking, offering a whole range of new artistic opportunities for directors, writers, cinematographers, designers and technicians. The opportunities for creating visually stunning productions, exploring new storytelling techniques and maximizing production value are greater than ever.

PICTURE THIS_ is initiated and financed by the Nordisk Film Foundation to address these changes and explore the future:

“In recent years, we have seen such a massive shift in new technologies that we need to restructure our approach to film development and production and reinvent our workflows and procedures” says Allan Hansen, Chief Executive Officer of Nordisk Film on behalf of the Nordisk Film Foundation. 

“Our ambition with PICTURE THIS_18 is to present the newest and ground-breaking knowledge in this rapidly developing field, inspiring the entire industry, from the established film professionals to the film schools and educators, to pick up the gauntlet and truly unfold the ever-increasing potentials of the film media”, he continues.

The 2nd edition of PICTURE THIS_ picks up where last year’s conference left off, digging deeper into the concept of story worlds, guerilla-style filmmaking, CGI/VFX, pre-visualization tools, real-time technologies and discussions of the future of educating, developing, producing and financing the motion pictures of tomorrow. 

The conference will feature a series of early adopter case studies and talks from innovative filmmakers, designers, technicians, scientists and industry experts from around the world, responding to the technological changes of the industry and pushing the limits of digital filmmaking.The award-winning journalist and media analyst Kate Bulkley (The Guardian and Broadcast Magazine) will be on stage, guiding us through the talks and panels of the day.

The speakers and keynotes will be announced in the upcoming months on picturethisconference.com.

Conference venue: KADK – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Buildning 51, Entrance K. 

PICTURE THIS_ 18 is initiated and financed by the Nordisk Film Foundation and is organized by Filmworkshop Copenhagen in cooperation with Danish film professionals, KADK – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, DADIU (the Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment), Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Danmark, Copenhagen Film Fund and representatives from the Danish film industry associations.