The Team begins on Sunday


Nordisk Film is co-producer of the new drama series about international crime in Europe premiering in Denmark on Sunday, February 22nd

Human trafficking, sexual slavery and money laundering are among the subjects that will take on the Danish tv screens every Sunday night the next eight weeks. We are going to follow the lives of German Jackie, Belgian Alicia and Danish Harald – three police officers trying to unravel a ruthless European criminal organisation.

A few years ago, a new era in European criminal intelligence began. Most European countries signed a co-operation agreement to prevent and fight international crime. Small and flexible units, so-called Joint Investigation Teams,  were formed to fight bordercrossing crime. These teams can operate fast and unbureaucratic and are authorized to lead and take over investigations.

Nordisk Film producer Thomas Heinesen says:

“This series deals with the problematics of the modern Europe and the challenges we are facing.”

The Team is written by the two Danes Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe who also wrote Unit One, The Protectors and Ørnen.

International actors in prime time

Like in the successful former tv series written by Brostrøm and Thorsboe, the viewers will learn that a career in the police can involve personal costs – and that policemen not are made of stone.

Nordisk Film is proud and happy that The Team will air in prime time:

“The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, believes that the Danes are ready for a prime time series with both Danish and international actors and here at Nordisk Film we also hope that the viewers will like it!,” Thomas Heinesen says.

The Team is a multilingual series – the characters speak Danish, German, Flemish and English. Danish Lars Mikkelsen, German Jasmin Great og Belgian Veerle Beatens star as the main characters.