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Associated companies

We are the co-owner of creative and leading companies in the Nordic countries.

Investing in strong companies

Nordisk Film is part-owner of a range of well-known Nordic film and production companies enabling us to broaden and strengthen our slate of high-quality, top-grossing and award winning film and series.

Associated companies


Drive Studios

Drive Studios is Scandinavia’s leading nextgen entertainment studio redefining TV and digital content stories.

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Fantefilm is behind a range of Nordic and internationally acclaimed blockbusters, continuously producing high concept genre films that travel successfully across the globe.

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Maipo Film

Maipo Film is one of the leading production companies in Norway. They produce fictional films and TV-series.

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ShortCut Oslo

Shortcut Oslo is a passionate group of artists and technicians who provide for all of your post-production needs.

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Solar Films

Solar Films is a leading production company of feature films in Finland.

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Zentropa focus’ on producing quality film for an international audience as well as low budget film.

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