Shortcut LED Stage

ShortCut post production

Nordisk Film ShortCut is one of the leading post production facilitators in Scandinavia.

Post production and VFX

Nordisk Film Shortcut, founded in 1991 by Nordisk Film, is a leading VFX and post-production company in Scandinavia with more than ten years of experience with Virtual Production, VFX and the creation of fantastic worlds. Nordisk Film Shortcut is a passionate group of artists and technicians who are committed to bringing your stories to life as leading post production facility in Scandinavia. ShortCut can provide for all of your post-production needs and has been closely involved in the development of a range of VFX based productions and is, for instance, behind the virtual worlds and VFX work of Netflix productions such as ”The Rain”, ”Equinox” and ”Black Crab”.

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LED Stage
Color correction

ShortCut LED Stage

A unique 360° LED stage has been built in the heart of the Nordic film studio Nordisk Film’s HQ in Copenhagen. Film makers, production companies and other visual storytellers will now be able to shoot and tell stories in a flexible, creative, cost-cutting and climate friendly way.


Our VFX team always aims at seamlessly combining VFX with the cinematography, production design and 3D elements of the production.

Color correction

As Scandinavia’s leading post production facilitator we offer color correction for all types of projects – from studio movies to small art films.

ShortCut Oslo

We also have a partially owned ShortCut department in Oslo. 

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