Digital Advertisement

We distribute digital advertisement in cinemas.

Innovative digital advertising

Nordisk Film is leading in sales and distribution of digital advertisement, events and sampling in Danish and Norwegian cinemas. Through Dansk Reklame Film and Media Direct Norway, we are able to take commercial advantage of the unique cinema media. 

App. 67%

Of Danish cinemas get their commercials from Dansk Reklame Film.


Is the number of cinemas that Media Direct Norway advertises in.

Advertisement on the big screen
A part of the experience

Advertisement on the big screen

Dansk Reklame Film sells and distributes digital cinema advertising to the largest Danish cinemas since 1985 and currently covers more than 67% of the Danish ticket market.

Dansk Reklame Film

A part of the experience

Media Direct Norway is market leader within cinema advertising in Norway covering more than 80 cinemas.

Media Direct Norway